Weekend Ride Route Summary
8:30am at The Landing 
All rides meet & depart from "The Landing" parking lot at the South End of Westlake Lake.
Please park in the middle lanes away from the homes on the East side of the lot.

Red Ride, Leader: Taylor Hodoose
Potrero, Decker and Lil Sycamore: Triunfo/Westlake/Potrero/Hidden Valley/Lynn/CSU/Lewis/PCH/Decker/Lil Sycamore/Westlake/Agoura/Lindero
Orange Ride, Leader: Bart Ziegler
Calabasas, Rockstore and Mulholland: Lindero/Agoura/Mureau/Calabasas/Mulholland/Lake Malibu/Rock Store/Encinal/Mulholland/Decker/Triunfo

Gold Ride, Leader: Sharon Campise and Petros Vasiliou
King Gillett and 7-Minute Hill: Lindero/Agoura/Cornell/Mulholland/7-Minute/Old Topanga/Park Oro/Calabasas Parkway/Mureau/Las Virgines/Agoura/Lindero

Purple Ride, Leader: Beth McElhenny 
Riders' Choice of Routes: Oak Park

9:00am at The Landing. 

G.O. Ride, Leader: Paul Sterngold
Long Canyon, Wood Ranch and Kanan: Lakeview/TO/Promenade/Westlake/Arboles/Erbes/Pederson/Olsen/Country Club/Wood Ranch/Long Canyon/Running Creek/Sinaloa/Royal/Madera/Erbes/Arboles/Westlake/Kanan/Chesboro/Agoura

Social Ride, Leader: Kay Fields
Wildwood Park: Lakeview/TO/Promenade/Westlake/Hillcrest/Erbes/Las Flores/Keats/Arboles/Frontier/Brightstar/Big Sky/Arboles/Keats/Las Flores/Erbes/Hillcrest/Old Conejo/Agoura/Lakeview

Gravel/Mountain Bike Ride, Leader: Alfonso Canella
Meet at the trailhead at Potrero Road and Wendy Drive in Newbury Park.
Trails: Point Mugu area

Hey CVC,
The weather looks great this weekend, with no chance of rain and temps in the 70s. Saturday will be windy, though, so dress for a little more chill and ride more cautiously.

On Saturday, we have four rides going out. The Red Ride will be dropping to the coast out through Hidden Valley, then coming back up Decker, with a nice Little Sycamore addition. The Orange Ride will be heading for Calabasas and Cardiac Hill before rolling over Mulholland to King Gilette, Lake Malibu and the Rock Store. The Gold ride will be rolling south as well, head up Cornell to King Gilette, then up 7-Minute HIll and through Calabasas. And the Purple Ride is going to ride up Agoura and north for a relaxing Oak Park Loop.

On Sunday, we've got three rides. The G.O. Ride will be going out to Simi Valley to Long Canyon and Wood Ranch, then back over Olsen and looping around Kanan through Agoura. The Social Ride is cruising through Thousand Oaks to Wildwood Park and north over Pederson before coffee. And the mountain bike ride is meeting up at the trailhead at Wendy and Potrero and riding some of the favorite trails around Point Mugu Park.

We've also got midweek rides Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The Wednesday afternoon ride will resume the third week of January.

Always be more aware when riding with a group. You are the eyes of everyone behind you and the voice to point out obstacles, vehicles and other hazards. Keep your spacing generous and focus your efforts on the climbs.

Let me know if I can help with anything bike or ride-related. I always have extra gear, supplies and my toolbox, pump, etc.
And let's ride!

Bart Ziegler
Ride Director
Conejo Valley Cyclists


Morning Ride - Leaders: David Stumpf
Rollout is 9:00am SHARP at The Landing parking lot. 
Old Topanga, Fernwood and Stunt (with shortened option to 7-Minute Hill)
Morning Ride - Leader: Susan Ashby
Rollout is 9:00am SHARP at The Landing parking lot. 
Rock Store, Encinal and Lil Sycamore (with shortened option to Lake Malibu)


Saturday, Jan 20th, Channel Islands and Ventura Away Ride
Next Saturday we will meet and ride from Leo Carrillo. We will be riding north through Channel Islands, Ventura Harbor and Oxnard. 
We will have a number of routes ranging from 44 to 100 miles. Also great lunch stops and picturesque coastal views. And flat routes! See you there!

Saturday, May 5th, 2018. CVC Annual Benefit Ride and Cruisin Event. 
Next year's CInco de Mayo will be our club Cruisin Event!

If there is a marked bike lane, cyclists may ride shoulder to shoulder. Single file otherwise.  There is no three or four abreast at any time while moving.If you are wearing a CVC kit, you represent the club, so please be sure to follow the rules of the road. 

When riding with CVC, you agree to: 
* Wear a helmet and ensure my bike is in good working order. 
* Ride to the right, pass on the left. 
* Ride in the bike lane (where available) and signal when moving into another lane. 
* Ride no more than two abreast in the bike lane, single file on narrow roads, and avoid "Swarming" (bunching up and multiplying the chance of accidents) 
* Call out and point if I see a traffic hazard 
* Respect ALL traffic laws and the rights of all autos, bicycles, and pedestrians
* Ride predictably and remind other to be safe * Be a bicycling ambassador

Please remember when parking at The Landing for any weekend morning rides to park and congregate towards the far end of the lot away from the street and use the middle row.  Do not park next to the homes.

The Purple ride is considered a no drop. Having said that, please note that if you are falling behind or slower than the average pace, you may be dropped. All rides not asterisked are considered a "drop ride" so please understand the route before you start (and how to get back). If you get to a regrouping spot and no one is there, consider yourself dropped.  As always, we will try to stick together and have a fun, safe ride. We will regroup regularly to allow everyone a chance to ride together.

If for any reason you leave a group ride, please pass along the information to the ride leader. 

Inclement weather policy: In the interest of safety, whenever it is either actively raining or the ride route has wet roads, it is our club policy to cancel a club ride. Club members may still choose to meet and ride in these conditions; however, the ride will not be considered an official club ride.