Hi Fellow CVC members and Guests,

We will commence our 5:15  Gold/Orange Rockstore Ride Tuesday March 11th.
The ride leaves from the Sprouts parking lot.
Route as follows:
Citibank location to Malibou Lake - Rock Store - Mulholland Hwy -
Decker Canyon - around Westlake Lake. 25 + miles with 2,100' of
climbing. Starting at 5:15pm

Same route as the Tuesday Red Ride (without upper Encinal Canyon).

Re-group at:
Cornell / Mulholland and top of Rock Store.

With the sun setting early lights make it much easier to see and be seen.
Here's the route using "Ride with GPS". Where you can view the route and
print out a cue sheet:http://ridewithgps.com/routes/150707
The ride will start at 5:15pm
Inclement weather policy: In the interest of safety, whenever it is either actively raining or the ride route has wet roads,
it is our club policy to cancel the official club ride. Club members may still choose to meet and ride in these conditions;
however, the ride will not be considered an official club ride.

Please remember to park in the area along Westlake Bl.(between the street and the first driveway aisle)
Not in the area in front of the Shops/Market. If we don't respect the requests of the lease tenants, we could be asked to park elsewhere.

See you then,

Dale Smith
Tuesday 5:15 Ride Leader