Hello CVC!
We are making plans to roll out as a club beginning June 20th!
This coincides with our ride start time change (summer start time  8:00 am)
 A few things could derail this start day, such as a large increase in Covid Cases or new restrictive orders put out by the County.  We will keep you posted if the situation changes. 

Riding with the club is of course a choice, and we respect those of you who do not yet feel comfortable riding with a group. But we will be here, ready for you when you are. 

We will be adding ride leaders and a even a new level ride, (thanks to ALL of you who volunteered!). If you are interested in this leadership role, please get back to me as we always need more volunteers. 
The process is rolling and we are working on changes in the ride leader format as well, (so that not everyone feels they need to be committed to every weekend!)

 Rides will be as follows: 
  •  Saturday mornings-8:00 am
  • Sunday mornings 8:30 am
  • Away rides 8:30 am

Announcements on routes will be sent out on Thursdays.

We will be implementing a few other guidelines. The basics start with some safety precautions:
-riders MUST respect each other's needs for social distancing when riding
- riders MUST respect rules of social distancing when in the parking lot prior to the start of a ride and after the ride
--Regroups MUST respect rules of social distancing
(Are you getting the idea?)
- the use of a face covering at the ride start and wearing and/or keeping that mask with you on the ride is recommended
-obviously if you are not feeling well, please stay home
- Social Distancing Requirements defined. “Social Distancing Requirements” means and includes maintaining at least a six-foot physical distance from other persons, using hand sanitizer as frequently as possible, covering coughs or sneezes (into the sleeve or elbow, not hands), and not shaking hands. Please do not make someone ask you to give them their space. 
No snot rockets or spitting. 

Remember, this is the last weekend to order the new club kit. Here is the link. 
teamstore.ascend sportswear.com/store/conejo-valley-cyclists/

Really excited to get back to our little oasis of cycling paradise. Looking forward to seeing you out there!