Hi CVC Red Riders: Since we got rained out last Sat. 
      - let's ride the previously announced ride for this Sat.

CVC RED Ride - Sat. 1-5th 8:30am  
       (Sprouts Market/Citibank Parking Lot:
           NE Corner of Westlake Blvd. & Hampshire/Agoura Rds.)

Westlake Village-King Gillette Ranch-Seven Minute Hill-Old Topanga-Fernwood Pacific-Saddle Peak-Stunt Rd.
Mulholland Hwy-Malibou Lake-Rock Store or Cornell Rd. back to Westlake 
8:30am start from Sprouts/Citibank Parking lot 
   Ride east on Agoua Rd. to Malibou Lake - Mulholland East to King Gillette Ranch:
      1st re-group : King Gillette Ranch ( on Mulholland Hwy after Las Virgenes)
      2nd re-group : Guard shack at top of 7 Minute Hill on Mulholland Hwy
      3rd re-group : Fernwood Market in village at bottom of Fernwood Pacific
      4th re-group : Top of Stunt overlook
      5th re-group : At Malibou Lake/Cornell Rd
             decide from there who wants to ride back to Westlake via:
                  Cornell Rd. or....Rock Store climb to Westlake Blvd.
                     (adding on Upper Encinal if you want a couple more miles & climbing feet)  
FYI about the road route & climbing profile: 
Approx. 48. miles with 4,390' overall ride's climbing  
   ( FYI: The Fernwood climb is: 4.92 miles and 1688 ' climbing 
           = basically two Rock Store climbs (which a 2.3 miles & 880' climb) in one climb
Here's my Garmin readout on one of the previous times times we rode this ride:
  but re-grouping at JBDA Park - which we've now changed to King Gillette Ranch
Inclement weather Club ride policy: If it's actively raining and/or the roads are wet & the weather threatening,the offical announced club ride is cancelled.
Should members choose to ride in those conditions, they can do so on their own but the ride will not be considered an official club ride.  
 Jim Doane- CVC Red Ride Captain