Ok, I have tried to narrow down the list to what we really need.. Please sign up on the website... if you don't feel comfortable, I can do it for you. Email me with any questions... more descriptions are on the website below, or you can email me. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!!!

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Friday Night Needs, About 4:00

Raffle Booth

T-Shirt Hand outs... unload boxes


Saturday Morning:

Parking Help!!!!! 6:00 am-perfect for those that will ride the 62 mile or 35 mile ride and will leave just a spot later....

Greeter- 6:30 am-greet riders and DAY OF registration guests, get them filling out papers-great job for those that want to ride

T-Shirt distribution

Traffic-get people to turn the right way on their bikes out of parking lot-will need you until about 9.

SAG Drivers-need to be able to carry at least one bike, in or on car...

Runner-we need one more person to hang out... help drive when last minute things come up, whether it be taking food to rest stops, guiding cheerleaders to stops, getting copies of things, getting water... whatever it may be- until around 10

Rest Stop #4 is NOT covered... Moorpark......HELP!

Water Stop with Jerry S. -Stockton-(email James H. or me) HELP!

Water Stop on Mullholland by Shalom Center-HELP!

Raffle Ticket Sales throughout the day-especially early, AND when riders come back and are eating lunch

Raffle Booth-watch prizes, chart prizes, and pick winners

Pack items back in truck for storage (late...)