All, I have a few corrections I have to make. The ride was not 100 K and 200 K, it was 100 miles and 200 miles. The 200 mile route had 18,000 feet of climbing and 100 mile had 12,700. These are simply astounding numbers. Again, Way to go guys!

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Hey CVC’rs
Yesterday, a handful of CVC riders took on the Mulholland Challenge. For those of you not familiar with the ride, it is an endurance slugfest winding through our Santa Monica Mountains. This is arguably the hardest organized ride of the year and an absolute monster, with the penultimate route running 200K with 12,700 feet of climbing. 
The following CVC Beasts  participated yesterday:

In the 100K-Susan Ashby, Cliff T, David Stumph, Aaron Mead, Jamie Cotto and Mike C.  

And the 200K-Shahine Azmoudeh and Taylor Hodoose. 

(if I missed anyone, let me know)

If you see any of them out doing a recovery spin today, give em a pat on the back...They WAY earned it.
Great job to all of you!!

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