As you have read, we are in the process of creating our next CVC kit for 2020! 
This not only attracts new members to our club, but it also helps us retain the LOOK of a CLUB as we have had for so many years. Members, Be proud of representing this great organization and let's show off our club pride!

Lots of ideas and opinions have been thrown out from many of you, and now is your chance to be involved  by coming over tomorrow to evaluate the different vendors. Look at cuts, fit, and styles. (Not designs, that is next). 
What runs too big, what runs too small, which vendor meets the needs of the majority of our club members? Which has the best chamois, which is too short, too expensive, etc. 

I know I said I was looking for a variety of sized peeps, (and I am!)  but, if you want to be involved, please know I want your opinion no matter what size. Your thoughts are important!

Please let me know if you can drop by tomorrow evening. (any time between 6 and 7)

Let your 2 cents count beforehand!!!!!

We need to get everyone back wearing CVC clothing and to show we are proud to be a part of such a great club!