I am so happy to hear the positive feedback on the new club kit!
A few really good questions have come up and I would like to give some clarification and throw in my own personal opinion. 

The sizing chart offered gives recommended sizes based on your measurement, but it doesn't tell you how something is going to fit. So... I am making it simple. 
The relaxed fit is exactly how it sounds. A more relaxed, less tight fit. If you like things loser, this is the way to go. 
The sports fit is similar to the hyperthreads in the fit though maybe not quite as tight, but close. They are pretty true. 

We have eliminated the race cut and I will tell you why....  it is a skin fit. You know, those skin suits... you peel them off.... THAT is what the race cut is. I asked the rep "Who wears the race cut? ,and the rep said 20 something year old racers. Now that does not  mean we do not have a CVCer that CAN wear this, but I  don't want anyone thrown off by the word "race cut" nor have I seen anyone in our club except occasional tri racers wear this type of kit. IF you are going in that direction, I would more suggest the APEX cut jersey. It is with a smaller collar, and a fabric that has a little more stretch to it, and definitely runs smaller, but it is NOT  a "skin" cut. It is only available in Sports cut. 

We do not have a picture of the APEX in our design, but you can get more info as you click into the company website. https://www.ascendsportswear.com/product-category/custom/cycling/tops-cycling/jerseys/ 
The APEX bibs and shorts offer more leg compression. 
They are working on photos.

We chose this company because their classic Volare Elite was a great fitting kit for our members. So is the Apex. We liked the shorts, the jerseys, the fit, the sleeve length and the fabric. 

I do have men's and women's jersey samples in large both in APEX and in Volare Elite if you want to see them live just to see the difference. I can work on getting a couple more sizes if it helps. But I cannot do a fit night at my home, but I can certainly let  you come see these in the backyard as a reference point. 

On a personal note, I am going with my regular size Volare Elite in the sports cut and Kent is going down (much to his own feeling of liking them tighter) with the Volare Elite Sports Cut. 
The Volare Elite is a little longer than Apex. 

I am happy to answer any questions or have samples in my backyard to see. If you absolutely feel  you need to see a different size prior to purchase, let me know. 
Just copy and paste to reach the store.