Upcoming Away Rides:
Feb 16 Red/Gold/Orange - Ventura/Ojai 

Upcoming Events:  

January 28 7:00pm -CVC Members meeting @ TREK

3835 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Unit K, Westlake Village, ca 91362

Local rides-  Saturday January 26th @8:30 
Ride Leader Route Miles Climb (ft.) Map
Red Taylor Hidden Vly 51 3,945
805-390-2200 PCH/Yerba
Orange Doug Kanan/Olsen 46 3,113
323-806-2002 Lyn/Vientos
Gold Lisa 818-535-0862. Mully/7 min 32 2,523
Sharon 818-519-8694 Calabasas return
Petros 805-630-8116  
  Sunday January 27th @9:00 am
Ride Leader Route Miles Climb (ft.) Map
RED Bart Erbes/Moorpark 42 2,843
Orange 805-338-9145 Grimes/back
Social Kay Hidden Vly 19.5 837
818-419-1172 Potrero/out back

Question of the week:  Do you Zwift?  Trainers have gotten much smarter in recent years.  You don’t have to just sweat it out in the garage staring at the leaf blower.  In the Zwift world, you can choose local routes as well as routes on your bucket list.  Rather than dreaming about climbing the Alpe d’Huez, you can climb it virtually.  Best part is if you don’t make it to the top, you can try it again without the jet lag.  

Safety Tip of the Week:  Move Off the Road When You Stop-Whether you are stopping because of mechanical problems or to regroup with your pals, move well off the road so you don’t interfere with traffic. It is usually best for the lead rider to pull forward in the stopping area and for other riders to pull in behind the rider in front of them. When you start up again, each cyclist should look for, and yield to, traffic.

When riding with us:
·      wear helmets and ensure your bike is in good working order
·      stay in bike lanes and no more than two abreast on them; single file otherwise
·      not overlap wheels
·      descend carefully!  Look out for debris, animals, potholes, tight bends, and slick spots
·      pass slower riders on the left 
·      ride predictably: signal when changing lines and call out hazards
·      avoid bunching up 
·      respect all traffic rules and the rights of motor vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians
·   always use proper hand signals to indicate to drivers and other riders your intentions
·   we are a "rules of the road" cycling club
·     Inclement weather policy: In the interest of safety, whenever it is either actively raining 
or the ride route has wet roads, it is our club policy to cancel a club ride. 
Club members may still choose to meet and ride in these conditions;
 however, the ride will not be considered an official club ride
Taylor Hodoose