I am so happy to be able to write this letter to you. As you are aware, our Picnic & Benefit Ride was cancelled a couple of times due to COVID and we came to the realization that it just won't be happening this year. There were a number of our members who signed up early. They were asked if they wanted a refund, or if they would like to donate the money to one of 4 recipients, (local charities in our community). The CVC Board of Directors agreed that there would  be a match of  their donations which we were grateful to be able to do. 

Suffice to say, most all of the members contacted donated and 100% of the proceeds were matched and rounded up,  and given IN FULL to the charities. Our rides normally incur expenses and since we had no  ride, we had no expenses, and we were able to donate 100% of the money paid by our members. 

Thank you all who contributed to the following charities:
COSF-Conejo Open Space
Ride on Therapeutic Horsemanship 
Nosco Foundation

I have received 3 Thank yous so far and they are attached to this emai and the purpose of the charities is also explained. 

Thank you CVC,
Your CVC Board