Dear CVC,

Your club, CVC,  along with the City of Thousand Oaks, and Pedago Electric Bikes will be hosting the local Ride of Silence. Let's bring awareness to the drivers of the Conejo Valley, stressing the importance of motor vehicles being cautious and patient with cyclists. 

This is a NATION WIDE event. Please come show your support at our local level for cyclists all over the globe, for those you know who have had an accident and remembering and honoring the many hundreds of people we have lost in this world due to cars. 

Please show up and show your support as it is our mass numbers that will bring attention to the drivers on the road. 

I am attaching a video from a prior year.

And here is a link to an Acorn Article about a prior ride.

Thank you for coming and riding slowly to show your support to all those hit and killed on the road. 
Sheri Leiken
CVC President

Ride of Silence 2023 Flyer.png