Come on out and join CVC this Thursday July 19th for a ride through Hidden Valley featuring an out-and-back warm up ramble on Carlisle Road. The Ride starts at 5:30 p.m.


ROUTE: Triunfo to LT on Westlake Blvd. From Westlake Blvd., we will take a RT to head out-and-back on Carlisle Rd. Returning via Carlisle, we will take a LT on Westlake Blvd., followed by a LT on E. Potrero Rd. to continue with the standard Hidden Valley ride.

DISTANCE: 20-25 miles

PACE: This is an intermediate level ride that includes both Gold and Orange paces averaging 14+ / 15+ mph.

NO DROPS: I wait for the slowest rider at strategic points along the route.

DIRECTIONS TO RIDE START: Triunfo Canyon Rd. in Westlake Village, just west of the Dam (tennis) Club and little yacht club building. From the 101 Freeway, take Lindero Canyon south until it ends at Triunfo. Go right on Triunfo a couple hundred yards. You will see a grassy area where we PICNIC after the ride. Park along the curb.

PICNIC: If a QUORUM is present, the Post-Ride Picnic will begin around 7:15 p.m. Please bring something to share: cheese crackers, fruit, olives, pretzels, cookies, whatever; a beverage and something to drink it out of if you don't want to drink it out of the bottle; something to sit on and a warm jacket. Bring your friends, neighbors, relatives, significant others, etc.

BE PREPARED: A helmet is mandatory. Other things to bring include water or sports drink; I.D. Spare tube(s); CO2 cartridges or hand pump; patch kit; cell phone.

SAFETY NOTE: Please do not call out "clear" at intersections. The intersection may not be clear for the rider(s) behind you. If you start with the group but decide to cut the ride short or take a different route, please let me know at a regroup stop or leave me a message (cell: 908-432-3480) so I won't be waiting or looking for you.

QUESTIONS: Email me at or call 908-432-3480.

CVC Inclement Weather Policy: In the interest of safety, whenever it is either actively raining or the ride route has wet roads, it is our club policy to cancel a club ride. Club members may still choose to meet and ride in these conditions; however, the ride will not be considered an official club ride.

ADDENDUM: Round-the-lakers can start at any time and join us for the picnic at 7:15 p.m. (see note about picnic quorum, above).


Sherrie Felton