Sorry everyone, 
Need to cancel our "away ride" this weekend due to the craziness and fun of the Malibu Triathlon! Parking and getting there would be too much of a problem. 

Send Kudos to all of our CVC participants! 

We will only have local rides on Saturday and they will be starting at 8:00 am. at the Landing
 (Next week we revert back to our regular schedule and begin at 8:30)

Red Route:

Orange Ride: Local led by John McIntyre
CVC - 20 MILES EAST From Landing - (then back) CLIMB RESEDA TO THE TOP

Local Gold Ride: Led by Sharon and Lisa
Landing to Newbury Park/Dos Vientos /Wendy, and BACK through Hidden Valley

Purple Ride, Leader: Kristin Blanton
The Purple ride is considered a no drop. Meeting At The Landing.
Lake Sherwood and Hidden Valley: Triunfo/Westlake/Lake Sherwood/Potrero/Hidden Valley/Potrero/Lake Sherwood/Potrero/Westlake/Agoura/Lakeview
Route link: <>