Many thanks again to Bob Muzio and Hector at Franco!

Save the Date for the next, August 29th.

Here is a letter I received from Brenda at Pioneer.



Brenda Lyons here with Pioneer. Thank you so much for your time on Monday evening. Nathan and I thoroughly enjoyed your group! ... we actually bragged about the club quite a bit at the office the next day! I was very impressed with how many women you have, too!

I just wanted to share this video with's the one I mentioned during the presentation. I think you will enjoy it!

Please  keep my contact in case you have any follow up questions for you or other club members, and thank you again for having us!

·       Pioneer is extending the 15% off deal until August 15th. I'm not sure what the best way to communicate this great deal to CVC club members, but I'm sure it's something that people that are interested in power would greatly appreciate as a benefit of their CVC membership.