Hi All,

I have been tied up and not getting the MTB rides out for a few weeks, but now they should be back to their regular posting schedule.

I have been, and will continue riding the road on Tuesdays for the summer, but I am riding the dirt on most Thursdays with the CMB crew. Its a great group, so get out and join in the fun either Tuesday or Thursday.

The ride schedule for this week is as follows, per Ben Griffes with CMB:

Tuesday we're riding in Lang Ranch.  Meet at the end of Lang Ranch Pkwy at 6:00 pm.  Will have the option to ride a short or longer ride.

Thursday we're riding in Malibu Creek.  Meet at DeAnza Park on Lost Hills Rd at 6:00 pm.

Most of the rides are approximately 8-15 miles and last around 1.5-2 hours.

Our rides are done jointly with the Conejo Mountain Bike club (CMB). It is an intermediate paced ride and not a no-drop ride. but,lets stay together within our groups, and have a fun safe time. 

Always make sure you have your helmet (mandatory),water, spares, and a light (in winter).

See you soon on the road or trail!
Kent Koral
(818) 802-0826