Weekend Ride Route Summary
8:30am at The Landing 
All rides meet & depart from "The Landing" parking lot at the South End of Westlake Lake.
Please park in the middle lanes away from the homes on the East side of the lot.

Red Ride, Leader: Taylor Hodoose
Rock Store, Decker, Lil Sycamore: Triunfo/Westlake/Agoura/Cornell/Lake Malibu/Up Mulholland Rock Store/Calamigos/Down Latigo/PCh/Up Decker/Mulholland/Up Lil Sycamore/Mulholland/Westlake/Agoura/Lindero

Orange Ride, Leader: John McIntyre
Hidden Valley, Camarillo and Santa Rosa: Triunfo/Westlake/Potrero/Lake Sherwood/Hidden Valley/Rieno/Lynn/CSU/Oxnard/Ventura/Santa Barbara/Camarillo/Lewis/Pleasant Valley/Up Santa Rosa/Moorpark/Read Bypass/Olsen/Pederson/Erbes/Up La Granada/Old Conejo/Agoura/Lakeview

Gold Ride, Leaders: Sharon Campise and Lisa Gutman
4 Lakes Tour: Triunfo/Westlake/Carlisle Canyon Out-n-Back/Westlake/Potrero/Lake Sherwood Out-N-Back/Potrero/Westlake/Agoura/Cornell/Lake Malibu/Mulholland/Peter Strauss/Mulholland/Cornell/Kanan/Agoura/Lindero

Purple Ride, Leader: Jonathan Kehr
Hidden Valley Out-n-Back: Triunfo/Westlake/Potrero/Up Lake Sherwood/Potrero/HIdden Valley/Return

9:00am at The Landing. 

Red Ride, Leader: Alfonso Canella
Grimes Canyon, Balcom and Erbes: Lindero/Lakeview/TO/Up Westlake/Arboles/Erbes/Pederson/Norwegian Grade/Moorpark/Tierra Rejada/Spring/Up Grimes/Pasadena/Simi/Barsdale/Sespe/Mountain/Up Balcom/Los Angeles/Hitch/Mountain Trail/Tierra Rejada/Sunset Valley/Read Bypass/Olsen/Up Erbes/Arboles/Westlake/TO/Lakeview

G.O. Ride, Leader: Bart Ziegler
7-Minute, Old Topanga and Calabasas: Triunfo/Westlake/Agoura/Malibu Hills/Calabasas Hills/Lost Hills/Las Virgines/Mulholland/King Gillette/Mulholland/Up 7-Minute HIll/Mulholland/Dry Canyon Cold Creek/Up Old Topanga/Topanga Village Waterlilly Cafe/Up Old Topanga/Mulholland/Old Topanga/Park Oro/Park Capri/Parkway Calabasas/Calabasas Road/Mureau/Las Virgines/Agoura/Lindero

Social Ride, Leader: Kay Fields
Oak Park: Triunfo/Westlake/Agoura/Reyes Adobe/Rockfield/Kanan/Oak Hills/Doubletree/Sunnycrest/Timberlane/Corell/Argos/Conejo View/Driver/Chesboro/Agoura

Hey CVC,
The weather looks great this weekend, with sunshine both days and temps in the 70s! It is high summer now though, so remember to drink more and wear sunscreen. And measure your difficult efforts later in the day. 

On Saturday we have four rides. The Red Ride will head for the Rock Store, then drop to the beach down Latigo Canyon, and return up Decker and Lil Sycamore before descending Westlake. The Orange Ride is rolling out through Hidden Valley, then descending to CSU, back East through Camarillo and home through Santa Rosa Valley before coming over Read Bypass and up Olsen, Pederson and over La Granada. The Gold Ride is doing our favorite 4-Lakes Tour ride up through Carlisle Canyon, around Lake Sherwood then south and up around Lake Malibu and Peter Strauss Ranch on Mulholland. And the Purple Ride is going strong with a direct route around Lake Sherwood and out to the horse stables in Hidden Valley. 

On Sunday we've got three ride options for you. The Red Ride is heading over Westlake Boulevard to Moorpark and Grimes Canyon all the way over to Bardsdale, turning West along Mountain to climb Balcom Canyon from the backside, then back through Moorpark, up Erbes and back down Westlake. The G.O. Ride will be rolling south along Agoura to Liberty Canyon before cutting West through Lost Hills and onto King Gillette before hitting 7-minute HIll and an Out-n-Back over Old Topanga to Topanga Village, then a return through Calabasas. And the social ride is doing a nice loop up Reyes Adobe through Oak Park and Agoura Hills before descending through Chesboro and cruising home along Agoura. 

We've also got midweek rides Tuesday evening and Thursday morning, as well as the Thursday night Pub Ride. And in a couple weeks we are adding a Wednesday evening family ride out of Simi Valley.

Always be more aware of potential hazards and anticipate dangers when riding with your groups. You are the eyes of everyone behind you and the voice to point out obstacles, vehicles and other dangers - even when you are tucked into the peloton. Keep your spacing generous and focus your efforts on the climbs.

Let me know if I can help with anything bike or ride-related. I usually have extra gear, supplies and my toolkit, pump, etc.
And let's ride!

Bart Ziegler
Ride Director
Conejo Valley Cyclists

Please note, we are short of midweek ride leaders now. Please volunteer so the rides can be more consistent and reflect your preferences for route, pace and stops. Drop me an email or contact Sheri for more info.

Tuesday Evening Ride 
Many of our members join the legendary Tuesday Night Rock Store Race Ride. While not an official CVC ride, you can join fellow members, as well as local ride heroes, young racers and other riders from all over the world attracted to the famous Rock Store challenge. A number of different groups roll out from the Landing between 5 and 5:30pm, with more moderately paced groups rolling at 5 or 5:15.
Shorter Route with Mulholland return: <https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18374660>
Longer Route with Upper Encinal: <https://ridewithgps.com/routes/289498>

Morning Ride - Lance Soloway
Rollout is 9:00am SHARP at The Landing parking lot. 
Simi Tapo, Lost and Long Canyons (with shortened option to Madera return)

Evening Ride - Leaders: Sheri Leiken and Lisa Gutman
The Pub Ride has returned for the summer! Meet up at a different establishment each week (watch for separate announcement) and we will ride then return for refreshments and dinner if you wish. Location for June 7th is Adobe Cantina
29100 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 (Route: <https://ridewithgps.com/routes/23248797>)
Rollout from there at 5:30. Everyone is welcome to this social-paced ride. Join us for the ride or the get-together afterwards, or both! See you there. 


Thursday, June 21st
Summer ride time change begins with the first day of summer. We will move Saturday ride times to 8:00am and Sunday ride times to 8:30am (first days will be Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th). Midweek morning rides will most likely change to 8:30 rollout time, as well. Don't be the one to wonder why the parking lot is empty when you arrive :)

Saturday, June 23rd - Away Ride to Mount Baldy
This is a renown ride in Southern California beginning in Glendora (about 1 hour drive south and east on the 210 fwy). We will have a couple groups climbing the mountain that day. It's a nice moderate climb with a stunning ride back down and plans for a nice lunch stop afterwards. Mark your calendar and join us for an epic day.

Wednesday, June 27th - Family Night Cruise and Potluck BBQs Begin!
Join us at the Gypsy Bike Ranch on Wednesday nights for a nice family cruise ride through the rolling hills of Simi Valley. Routes will include a 5-miler to Corriganville Park on mountain bikes, and a 15 mile "all bikes welcome" cruise along the Simi Arroyo to the Duck Park. Afterward we can enjoy refreshments and a casual potluck. Plenty of parking at Knolls Park (1300 W Katherine Rd, Simi Valley CA 93063) and we'll have the fire pit, bbq and potluck spread to enjoy. Contact me for more info or getting a loaner bike for a friend or family member. Come for the rides or just to hang out for a couple hours. And help welcome new riders to our CVC family. 

Monday July 30th, 7:00pm
Club Swap Meet and Meeting at the Westlake Library. Details to come. Stay tuned.

If there is a marked bike lane, cyclists may ride shoulder to shoulder. Single file otherwise.  There is no three or four abreast at any time while moving.If you are wearing a CVC kit, you represent the club, so please be sure to follow the rules of the road. 

When riding with CVC, you agree to: 
* Wear a helmet and ensure my bike is in good working order. 
* Ride to the right, pass on the left. 
* Ride in the bike lane (where available) and signal when moving into another lane. 
* Ride no more than two abreast in the bike lane, single file on narrow roads, and avoid "Swarming" (bunching up and multiplying the chance of accidents) 
* Call out and point if I see a traffic hazard 
* Respect ALL traffic laws and the rights of all autos, bicycles, and pedestrians
* Ride predictably and remind other to be safe * Be a bicycling ambassador

Please remember when parking at The Landing for any weekend morning rides to park and congregate towards the far end of the lot away from the street and use the middle row.  Do not park next to the homes.

The Purple ride is considered a no drop. Having said that, please note that if you are falling behind or slower than the average pace, you may be dropped. All rides not asterisked are considered a "drop ride" so please understand the route before you start (and how to get back). If you get to a regrouping spot and no one is there, consider yourself dropped.  As always, we will try to stick together and have a fun, safe ride. We will regroup regularly to allow everyone a chance to ride together.

If for any reason you leave a group ride, please pass along the information to the ride leader. 

Inclement weather policy: In the interest of safety, whenever it is either actively raining or the ride route has wet roads, it is our club policy to cancel a club ride. Club members may still choose to meet and ride in these conditions; however, the ride will not be considered an official club ride.

Let's ride,
Bart Ziegler
CVC Ride Director