Remember to bring your smile and kit with you at 8:15 tomorrow morning for picture day.

Also noted that Sunday social ride will need to turn around at bridge (or lack of) at Peter Strauss.  This will cut out a few miles, so when you head back Mullholland toward Cornell, keep going along Mully until you get to the top.  Turn around and head back home via Cornell.

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Upcoming Events:   
**8:15am this Saturday is the CVC photo day.  Dress in your kit and meet at the usual spot at the landing, photo will be there.  
Upcoming Away Rides:
April 20 Red/Orange - Mt. Baldy 

Local rides-  Saturday March 23rd @8:30 
Ride Leader Route Miles Climb (ft.) Map
Red Taylor Mully/7 min/OlTop 50.5 5,107
805-390-2200 Fernwood/Stunt/Mully
Orange Jennifer Kanan/Stunt 43 3,755
805-558-3428 Mulholland
Gold Lisa 818-535-0862 HV/ DoVi/ 35.5 2,282
Sharon 818-519-8694 Wild Wood/Westlake
Petros 805-630-8116  
  Sunday March 24th @9:00 am
Ride Leader Route Miles Climb (ft.) Map
RED Alfonzo Westlake/Kanan 33 2,022
Orange 978-394-7318 Cornell/Agoura
Social Kay Cornell/Lake Lobo 23.5 1,338
818-419-1172 Cornell/ back

Question of the week:  Do you listen to your own advice?  Well as a matter of fact I do.  Last Friday I had loaded my bike in the car, got my hydration and nutrition ready, laid out the kit, and was all ready to go.  Saturday, I woke up and was hobbling over to the sink to brush my teeth and get ready.  It was painful to put weight on my right leg.  I felt it Friday, but thought I might sleep it off.  Now in the morning I had to decide if I was really going to ride.  What would I tell my kids to do?  Go get some rest and wait until you are healed up.  Still I stood contemplating what I should do.  I then remembered the QOTW I had just sent out and realized my body was telling me something, Loudly, and I listened.   

Safety Tip of the Week:  Be aware of vehicles-Many collisions occur when a cyclist is on the inside of a vehicle which is turning right. Don’t assume the vehicle is going straight ahead just because it isn’t signaling right. Always avoid ‘undertaking’ any vehicle in this situation – it’s better to hang back until the vehicle has moved past.  Never cycle along the inside of large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, especially at intersections, where most accidents happen.  When turning right, a truck will often pull out to the left first, creating a wide gap between the vehicle and the curb. Many cyclists think it’s safe to ride into this space, but this is a dangerous place to be as the gap quickly disappears when the truck swings around to the right.   

When riding with us:
·      wear helmets and ensure your bike is in good working order
·      stay in bike lanes and no more than two abreast on them; single file otherwise
·      not overlap wheels
·      descend carefully!  Look out for debris, animals, potholes, tight bends, and slick spots
·      pass slower riders on the left 
·      ride predictably: signal when changing lines and call out hazards
·      avoid bunching up 
·      respect all traffic rules and the rights of motor vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians
·   always use proper hand signals to indicate to drivers and other riders your intentions
·   we are a "rules of the road" cycling club
·     Inclement weather policy: In the interest of safety, whenever it is either actively raining 
or the ride route has wet roads, it is our club policy to cancel a club ride. 
Club members may still choose to meet and ride in these conditions;
 however, the ride will not be considered an official club ride

Taylor Hodoose

Taylor Hodoose