September 27-October 3

Saddle Saturdays!
The bike seat co-op is growing.  We have some used saddles in great shape if you're looking for something that may be more comfortable for you.  Or use as a loaner to find a model you  like, and then buy new.  Lots of options!

If you are like me, and have a few saddles that didn't work and are stuck with, bring them in and see if we can't find a good home for them.

While in a group and riding in the bike lane solo, the cyclist must use the middle portion of the lane, not the white line separating the bike lane and traffic.  This makes it safer for a cyclist to pass without endangering themselves by going into traffic or passing on the right which can endanger both riders.
Saturday: 8:30am at The Landing parking lot 

Leader: Jerry Scott
Route link:

Leader:  Gary Silver  (Gary is not sure if he can make it, in that case please organize yourselves)
Route link:

Gold-We are starting a new sub-level of Gold, same route, same re-grouping stops,  but with a faster pace.  

Route link:

       -Gold Standard:  12-14 mph average pace
         Leader:  Phil Callan


        -Gold Rush: 13-14+ mph average pace
          Leader:  Cam Young


Purple**-Leader: TBA
Route link:

Sunday:   9am from The Landing parking lot 

G.O.-Leader:  Dale Smith (Dale is not sure if he can make it, in that case please organize yourselves)
Route link:

Social Ride-Leader: Kay Fields
Route link:

Tuesday:   The Landing parking lot

Orange/Gold Ride-5:15pm-Leader:  Dale Smith for Rock Store Ride.

Racer Ride-5:30pm-Leader:  Jonathan Woodbury for the Rock Store 'n more ride.

MTB Ride-5:30pm-Location and route TBA.  Check your emails for announcement early in the week.

Wednesday:   3:45pm at The Landing parking lot

Landing Ride-Discontinued until the Fall.


Go Thursday Ride**-5:30pm
Sherrie Felton leads a variety of rides that may start at the grassy park by Westlake Lake, or from various local watering holes where the group can end up with food and refreshments.  Check your emails for announcement early in the week.

Red Ride-From The Landing parking lot. 5:00pm 
Leader: Jonathan Woodbury, up Westlake Bl. and Little Sycamore.  Routes may vary from week to week so check your emails for announcement.

MTB Ride-5:30pm
Location and route TBA.  Check your emails for announcement early in the week.

** This is considered a "no drop" ride.  The ride leader will keep an eye on everyone. No one is left behind.

All rides not asterisked are considered a "drop ride" so please understand the route before you start (and how to get back). If you get to a regrouping spot and no one is there, consider yourself dropped.  As always we will try to stick together & have a fun safe ride. We will regroup regularly to allow everyone a chance to ride together.

If for any reason you leave a group ride, please pass along the information to the ride leader.

It is mandatory to have & wear a helmet. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure that the helmet is in good condition (check expiration on helmet inner tag) and that your bike is in working condition as well. 

That’s all for now, folks.  Have a great week!

Cameron “Cam” Young
CVC Ride Director

Inclement weather policy: In the interest of safety, whenever it is either actively raining or the ride route has wet roads, it is our club policy to cancel a club ride. Club members may still choose to meet and ride in these conditions; however, the ride will not be considered an official club ride.