Hi All,

I have been, and will continue riding the road on Tuesdays (and lately Thursdays also) for the summer, but I am riding the dirt  with the CMB crew my schedule permits. Its a great group, so get out and join in the fun either Tuesday or Thursday. Sorry for the spottiness in the announcement of the weekly MTB rides.

The ride schedule for this week is as follows, per Ben Griffes with CMB:

Tuesday we're riding in Malibu Creek.  Meet at DeAnza park on Lost HIlls Rd. at 6:00 pm

Thursday we're riding Switchbacks/Space Mtn.  Meet at the end of  Moorpark Rd. at 6:00 pm

Most of the rides are approximately 8-15 miles and last around 1.5-2 hours.

Our rides are done jointly with the Conejo Mountain Bike club (CMB). It is an intermediate paced ride and not a no-drop ride. but,lets stay together within our groups, and have a fun safe time. 

Always make sure you have your approved helmet (mandatory),water, spares, and a light (in winter).

See you soon on the road or trail!
Kent Koral
(818) 802-0826