January 21 - January 27

CVC Members' Meeting
Wednesday, January 27th: CVC Members Meeting (at Michael's Bicycle - 7pm)
Along with the usual club business, we will have the the CVC Gear available for pick up and a couple of great presentations…
Ashton Johnson (of Michael’s Bicycles) will have a Fitting Demo in Fit Studio
Ben Griffes from Sports Chiropractor will be on hand to do a Bicycle Stretching Demo
As always, please be sure to bring your folding chair so we can all have a seat.

Safety Reminder
Please remember that when you are out there riding you are a cycling ambassador. And, if you are wearing a CVC kit, you represent the club, so please be sure to follow the rule of the road. Below are some reminders...
I will always…
Wear a helmet and ensure my bike is in good working order.
Ride to the right, pass on the left.
Ride in the bike lane (where available) and signal when moving into another lane.
Ride no more than two abreast in the bike lane, single file on narrow roads, and avoid “swarming”
Call out and point if I see a traffic hazard
Respect ALL traffic laws and the rights of all autos, bicycles, and pedestrians
Ride predictably and remind other to be safe
Be a bicycling ambassador

Upcoming Events
Saturday, February 13th: Santa Clarita Away Ride
Saturday, May 7th: Cruisin' the Conejo

Saturday: 8:30am at The Landing

Red Ride - Leader Jerry Scott
Route Link:

Orange Ride - Leader Gary Silver
Route link:

Gold Ride - Leader Sharon Campise /  Phil Callan
Roue link:

Purple Ride (RSVP ride only) - Leader TBA
Route: Follows Gold and turns back early

Sunday: 9am at The Landing

Red Ride: Leader Jerry Scott
Route link:

G.O. Rides - Leaders Dale Smith
Route link:

Social Ride - Leader Kay Fields

Route link:

The Landing parking lot

3:30pm at  The Landing parking lot

Hump Day Ride-3:30 at The Landing parking lot
This ride meets on Wednesday afternoons! Yes, middle of the week, middle of the afternoon.  Rides range from 19 to 25 miles depending on our sunlight availability. (On hiatus 'till the weather warms up)

The Landing parking lot

Morning Ride-9am at The Landing parking lot
Leader:  Sheila Levine-Sherwyn
Route to be determined at the start, 25-40 miles

Gold/Orange-On hiatus until next Spring

Racer Ride-On hiatus until next Spring


Please remember when parking at The Landing for any weekend morning rides to park and congregate towards the far end of the lot away from the street and use the middle row.  Do not park next to the homes.

Please note the inclement weather policy below.

The Purple ride is considered a no drop. Having said that, please note that if you are falling behind or slower than the average pace, you may be dropped. All rides not asterisked are considered a "drop ride" so please understand the route before you start (and how to get back). If you get to a regrouping spot and no one is there, consider yourself dropped.  As always we will try to stick together and have a fun,  safe ride. We will regroup regularly to allow everyone a chance to ride together.

If for any reason you leave a group ride, please pass along the information to the ride leader.

It is mandatory to have & wear a helmet. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure that the helmet is in good condition (check expiration on helmet inner tag) and that your bike is in working condition as well.

Henry Montalvo
Conejo Valley Cyclists

Inclement weather policy: In the interest of safety, whenever it is either actively raining or the ride route has wet roads, it is our club policy to cancel a club ride. Club members may still choose to meet and ride in these conditions; however, the ride will not be considered an official club ride.