Greetings CVC Cyclists,

Kathy Naoum heads up the City of Thousand Oaks Bicycle Advocacy Team (BAT) and would like feed back for the two items below.  Both will benefit our cycling safety and enjoyment.

Item #1 explains why the left turn signal going North on Westlake Blvd (heading towards the freeway) and turning left on Triunfo Canyon Road does not trigger for cyclists.  Please send your experiences of the dangerous and awkward situations you have encountered at the signal.  Kathy's e-mail address is

Item #2 details new paving and road striping that will take place in Thousand Oaks.  She would like cyclists to take three quick surveys so that she can gather as much feedback as possible.  The two Newbury Park routes have been on recent rides so we should have some fresh thoughts.

Details of lane changes:
Survey link:

Thank you in advance and safe riding,

Mark G.