Happy Halloween everyone!

From all the weather reports I'm reading it looks like the most rain will be falling tonight and after midnight, but will be tapering off in the early morning.  So, it looks like we may have, at the worst, sloppy roads, and at the best, roads that are wet but drying out.

If the roads are completely wet, consider the club rides cancelled.

However, members and others may choose to ride on their own, as usually happens in iffy conditions, but again, it is not considered an official CVC club ride.

For those who don't consider weather to be issue, please remember to ride carefully.  The roads will be slick since this will be the first rain the roads have had in months.  Turning corners, wet leaves, debris on the roadsides, motorists who may not have the best vision through their windshields.  Lights and running tires at a lower psi are good options.

Lets hope for the best:  Lots of rain tonight, and dry roads in the morning.  

Sorry for you trick or treaters tonight, so bring your umbrellas.

Cam Young
Ride Director
Conejo Valley Cyclists