To all CVC members,
There have been a few emails that have gone out regarding a ride that is occurring tomorrow. The first was innocently enough a few individuals looking for a simple social ride, the second email went far beyond that and I apologize to anyone that this may have been offended (and we appreciate the dozens of phone calls and emails we received on this matter). It was not caught by those of us that monitor our email system and we apologize for this. As per our CVC bylaws, the CVC is not a platform to discuss politics or philosophy about any issue except those that directly impact cycling. The ride that was discussed in these emails is not a CVC ride as we have not had any group rides since early March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
If you need more information on our CVC bylaws, and I encourage all of you to look at them, including our AUP, they can be found in the bylaws section of our website at 

Thanks again for understanding.

Kent Koral
CVC director of charitable operations.
(818) 802-0826